Bear Vs. Shark & Trophy Scars

July 8, 2003

Bloomfield Ave. Cafe | July 08, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos

Bear Vs. Shark

Equal Vision Records

Trophy Scars

Screamy Rock, featuring a boy with a fro!

Fire When Ready

Indie type rock n roll, got mineral?


Screamo from south NJ

Fire in Cairo

Rock n roll

My Fear and Regret

Ummmm, woodbridge!


Arson & With Resistance

February 21, 2003

M&M Hall | February 21, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos


Metal and HC moshed into madness. LAST NJ show as they are leaving for tour!

With Resistance

MetalCore on Immigrant Sun Records

Mora In Somnia


December Aeternalis [AE]

Metal Mayhem

Forgetting Tomorrow

Brutal Hardcore with crazy breakdowns

the Homicide Blueprint

indescribable HC goodness, mmm yummy! features ant from struckdown!

13 Days

Rotten Records – on tour with arson


NJ Screamo in vain of thursday

Lack There Of

NJ Metal


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