In the late 1990s, our intrepid Webmaster Stumpy started TriStatePunk.com as a listing for New York tri-state area punk/ska/hardcore/metal/emo/indie shows.  Unsatisfied with merely listing other people’s shows, Stumpy decided to book his own, and by October 2002 TriStatePunk became a full-fledged promotional outfit. In December 2003, Will Davidian, who had been booking his own independent shows, joined as a partner and co-promoter.  From 2002 through 2011, TriStatePunk produced and promoted over 300 shows featuring an eclectic group of artists from Between the Buried and Me to The Gaslight Anthem from Weston to Wheatus.

Unfortunately, we lost the tristatepunk.com domain name in 2015 due to a strange confluence of circumstances.  Not to be defeated, we re-launched as tristatepunk.co (just one letter off!) in 2018 to post our old shows for nostalgia’s sake.  And who knows, maybe we’ll get the inkling to do some shows again?

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