Stump Stock Day II

July 13, 2003

Bloomfield Ave. Cafe | July 13, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos

A Life Once Lost

Robotic Empire / Deathwish Inc. Records, from Philly. Emotionally intense metalcore!

Breather Resist

Deathwish Inc. Records, from the Midwest! Members of Black Cross

As Hope Dies

Undecided Records. From Califronia. Thrash metal meets brual HC with breakdowns, SICK!

If Hope Dies

Metal, HC and more, wooot! From Upstate NY

Since The Flood

Metalic HC from NH and MA

Nemesis Enforcer

Metal from North NJ


Metal from North NJ


Metal/HC Holiday PRE New Years Show

December 29, 2002

Hamilton St. Cafe | December 29, 2002 | 4:00 PM | $10 adv / $10 dos

The Postman Syndrome

Now or Never Records – As heard in top 10 on wsou 89.5fm!

Agents of Man

Ex-Bulldoze. You know them, you LOVE them! From NJ!


on tour from AL. Amazing HC with lots of Emotion, in the vein of Skycamefalling!

Strength in Numbers

formerly known as Headrush

If Hope Dies

Diehard Records. Intense HC that will kick ur teeth in!


NJ Metal!


on tour from MA. LIke old Poison the Well!

Alter the End

on tour from MA. with Surrender – sharing set with them!


had to drop off, oh well


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