the NEXT to last FACE FIRST Show :…

May 9, 2003

Bloomfield Ave. Cafe | May 09, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos

Face First

Punk with horns from northern NJ


Ska vs. Metal

The Miasmics

Ska type funkadellic rock from Verona!

Blind Luck Music

on tour from Vermont

Trophy Scars

Emotional Rock with screaming and singing

Arrogant Sons Of Bitches

Ska that is very fun


Face First & Tokyo Rose

March 8, 2003

Hamilton St. Cafe | March 08, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos

Face First

NJ’s Finest Rocking Punk band with horns too! Like woah!

Tokyo Rose

emotional rock on Militia Group Records, from NJ

New Direxion

Punk Rock n Ska on We Make Records


two girls, two guys, a little pop, and a lot of punk!

the Fall Assessment

local punk rock core, from Hillsborough NJ.


catchy punk rock featuring steve from LWL


1st Annual Ho Ho Fest

December 21, 2002

Hamilton St. Cafe | December 21, 2002 | 4:00 PM | $8 adv / $9 dos

The Superspecs

What? 10 members? see them for yourself!

Face First

NJ’s Ska Favorites

Hidden in plain View

Emotional Punk Rock in the vein of Taking Back Sunday!

Ever After

girl fronted pop punk on Tribunal Records from NC. just like one true thing!

the Goodwill

Negative Progression Records from NY

Days Away

from Philly on we the people records. Sounds like the Starting Line


NJ Powerful Emotional Rock with the Julaiana Theory prevalent in the mix

A Day Late

NJ-local pop punk hero’s

The Japanese

Hillsborough Punk

The Rookie

Pop Punk from Northern NJ Acoustic Style this one time only!

Five Star

Jersey Shore indie/punk rock – acoustic style

Afterwards October

Local Acoustic 1 man act


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