A Night to Remember CD Release Show

August 1, 2003

Bloomfield Ave. Cafe | August 01, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos


xLife Sentence Recordsx. from CT

A Night To Remember

CD Release Show

Spearing Jocasta

XLife Sentence RecordsX

The Ninth Plague

on tour with Nientara / ATFS. Featruing Vocalist from Transgression

Laura Palmer

Emotional Rock from North NJ, a T S P favorite, holla!


Metalcore from South NJ


Killed By Memories CD Release Party

June 20, 2003

Bloomfield Ave. Cafe | June 20, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos

Love Is Red

Recorse Records, on tour from the Dirty Dirty South!

With Honor

Stillborn Records, on tour from CT

Killed By Memories

Brutal punch your self in the face HC, from Sussex County

xPaid In Bloodx

sXe Core, from Dirty South. Got Throwdown???

Dream Torn Apart

Screamy type rock that makes you want to move!

A Night To Remember

Crazy, chaotic HC mixed with grind and metal, mmm, yummy!


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