Remembering Never

March 11, 2003

Hamilton St. Cafe | March 11, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos

Remembering Never

on Ferret Records from Fl. featuring the singer from Until The End


Solid State Records. Screamo vs. HARDCORE


all the way from Canada

Found Dead Hanging

Keith Hell Fests Band, be there, or no Hell Fest for you!


Southern NJ HC, Represent

Spearing Jocasta

south nj hc

Something To Remember

up and coming NJ emotional Screamo, check them out!

 AlexisOnFire and Found Dead Hanging and Beloved had problems, and could not make it..

Folly vs. The Banner!

March 1, 2003

Bloomfield Ave. Cafe | March 01, 2003 | 6:00 PM | $8 adv / $8 dos


str8 outta NJ mixing together HC, PUNK and SKA! How do they do it?!? come find out!

The Banner

NJ Horror Core on eyeball records

Something To Remember

NJ emotional Screamo, and they cover shady view terrace, WOOT!


NJ Rock with a touch of punk and hc

Phoenix Down

NJ 3 piece punk Rock from Bloomfield NJ, wooot!

Flat Earth Society

NJ punk Rock with a hc edge

All Tied Up

added at the last minute, new NJ band


stand up comedy

Yo Mutha F*cka Sucka

these boys will entertain us in between some of the bands ;


not yet, but soon we hope!


Metal You Can Kickbox To, Part II

January 4, 2003

Bloomfield Ave. Cafe | January 04, 2003 | 5:30 PM | $8 adv / $9 dos

Dead To Fall

Victory Records. Mix carcass with brutal HC breakdowns!


Resurection AD Records, from NJ! Insane mix of HC and metal, with relentless breakdowns!

Welcome To Your Life

ex-bleeding through on Indecision Records – from Orange County, CA. they r metal Moshtacular goodness!

Locked in a Vacancy

Purity Records from NY. Metal/HC that will knock you down. Playing with HATEBREED in december

Strong Intention

Thrash Metal in the vein of Slayer/Sepultura

Something To Remember

North NJ Screamo


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